How to Setup an Approval Workflow

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Find out how to modify and adjust your existing approval workflow setup to accommodate changes in your organization's processes and requirements.

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Where to Access Approval Workflow Setup Page

You can access the approval workflow setup page via Jack portal by opening the Menu from the bottom-left side of your screen, and select Workflow. You can read this page to find out how to set up who can edit the Approval Workflow for each module.

Setting up a Drafter

Drafters is a set of users who can create or draft transactions on Jack portal depending on which modules they are assigned as Drafter. There will be some term differences between modules regarding what a Drafter is. To know more, you can read Drafters and Approvers in Approval Workflow and Special Case for Some Modules in Approval Workflows.

To set up Drafter of a module:

  1. Select which modules you want to set a Drafter.

  2. Click the Pencil Icon on the right-hand side of the Drafter section.

  3. Add the Drafter by clicking the “+ button”. There are two ways to assign a Drafter. The first is to select the role, which will allow all users who have that role to draft a send money transaction. The other method is to choose specific individuals to ensure that they are the only one who can draft a transaction.

Approval Step

The next main component is the Approval Step. In this section you can:

  • Create a different workflow for every amount range (we call this "Case").

  • Define the individuals or roles responsible for granting approval for each step in the case, based on their roles and responsibilities within your organization.

  • Parallel Approvals: In certain cases, you may require multiple approvers to review and approve requests simultaneously.

Adding a New Approval Case

  1. To start adding a new case, you can simply click the "+ Add case" button.

  2. Determine the amount range of the Case by filling the "Starts from", every transaction created above this amount will follow this Case approval workflow.

  3. After you fill the “Starts from”, the modal will change, shown in the image below. The "To" section will be filled automatically by our system depending on other cases that you currently have in the Approval Workflow.

  4. Next, you can set the approval steps as explained in the next section.

Setting up Your Approval Steps

  1. Approval steps will go through one or several Approvers and one Releaser. Releaser is the last approver, and you can only assign users with “Admin” or “Business Owner” privileges as Releasers to make sure that the money is released by users who actually have that permission. For more detailed information, please refer to the article provided  Drafters and Approvers in Approval Workflow.

  1. To add a step, click the “Add step” button. Then click the + sign to add the user or role you want to assign as an Approver for that step. You can add as many steps as you need.

  2. If you need to edit the Approver, remove the name or role you want to edit by clicking the “x” button next to the name, and add the new user/role.

  1. To delete an existing step, you can click the “Trash can” button at the right side of the step you wish to delete.

  2. Click the Save Change button after you have defined the approval steps correctly.

Multiple Users in a Single Approval Step

Efficiency is key in the approval workflow, especially when dealing with numerous transactions. To expedite the process, multiple users can be added to a single approval step. Jack applies an "or" logic in this scenario, meaning that if there are two Approvers in one step, the transaction will proceed to the next step as soon as either one of them approves it. This approach significantly reduces bottlenecks and accelerates the overall approval process.

Assigning Roles as Approvers

To simplify the approval workflow, roles can be assigned as Approvers. Instead of individually assigning users, you can select a role such as Admin or Business Owner. When you invite a new user and assign them to that role, Jack will automatically include them in the approval step. Similar to the multiple user step, the "or" logic applies. Once a user with the designated role approves the transaction, it seamlessly moves to the next step. This feature streamlines the process of adding new users to the workflow and ensures that the right individuals are involved in the approval process.

Designating Managers as Approvers

In addition to individual users and roles, Managers can also be designated as Approvers for transactions. When a Drafter from Team A creates a transaction, it requires approval from the Team A Manager. This step ensures that Managers are involved in the decision-making process, providing an extra layer of oversight. However, if no Manager is found within the Drafter's team, this approval step is skipped, allowing for a more flexible workflow.

Edit or Delete Approval Case

  1. To edit an existing approval case, simply click the “Pencil” button on the top-right corner of the approval case. From there, you can change any parameter you want to change, whether it is amount, approvers, releasers, steps and so on.

  2. To delete an existing approval case, click on the “Trash can” button next to the edit button. Please note that you can only delete the second case and any subsequent cases in the approval workflow. Therefore, you will not find a delete icon associated with the first case.

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