Special Case for Some Modules in Approval Workflows

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Explore the special Drafter definition and function modules within the approval workflow, i.e. send money, smart payroll and corporate cards requests, to optimize your financial operations.

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The Approval Workflow feature is designed to provide a consistent and configurable approach across all modules. With this functionality, users can easily define and manage the approval process for various tasks within their system. However, it's important to note that there are a few module-specific differences that should be considered.

Send Money (Local and International Transfers)

When it comes to the "Send Money" module, the approval workflow applies to both international transfers and local transfers. This means that any transaction initiated within these contexts will go through the defined approval steps, ensuring proper authorization before the transfer takes place.

Smart Payroll

In the case of the "Payroll" module, we utilize the term "Authorized personnel" instead of "Drafter". These Authorized Personnel are the designated users who have the ability to draft and access the detailed information of the payroll transactions. As payroll involves highly sensitive data, it's crucial to have control over who can view the breakdown of the transaction. Approvers and Releasers, unless assigned as authorized personnel, will only be able to see the summary details such as the total amount of the transaction.

Corporate Cards 

For the "Card Management" module, the term "Requester" is used instead of "Drafter". Users assigned to the Requester role have the privilege to request a card for themselves and can also request edits to their card limit, if applicable. However, any such requests made by the Requester role require approval from the Approver and Releaser before the card can be issued.

Balance Management

When setting the approval workflow for the "Balance Management" module, the term "Requester" is used to replace "Drafter." Users that are assigned as a "Requester" can submit requests for withdrawing company balances and transferring funds between Jack accounts.

In balance management default setting, users with roles "Business Owner", "Admin", and "Bookkeeper" are designated as Requester, while the roles of Approver and Releaser are assigned to "Business Owner" and "Admin”. Any requests initiated by a Bookkeeper, Admin, or Business Owner need approval from an Admin or Business Owner prior the transactions are disbursed. However, this is adjustable according to your own preference and settings. Any Admin, who is assigned by the Business Owner to edit the workflow, can make the adjustment easily.

Unlike other modules, for the “Balance Management” module, only the Business Owner, Admin, or Bookkeeper can become a Requester. In addition to that, the request can also be approved and released by the Business Owner or Admin role only.

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