How to Take Photo of My Bill of Invoice Correctly

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This article explains practical guidelines to follow when you want to take a photo of a bill or invoice, to ensure the submission process runs smoothly.

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When you submit Bill Payment requests, first thing first, you have to snap and submit your bills or invoices. Hassle free, you can submit it anywhere and anytime, using your Jack Portal, and our system will do data entry automatically using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The quality of your document is very important to take care to ensure that the OCR is working properly. We will give practical guidelines for you to follow to submit your bills or invoices easily.

Best Practice in Submitting Your Bill Payment Document


PDF is Best

Invoices in PDF format are ideal for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) due to their structured layout and consistent formatting. PDFs maintain the integrity of the original document, preserving the placement and organization of information such as invoice numbers, dates, total amount, and vendor details.  This standardized structure enables Jack’s OCR, powered by Machine Learning (ML), to precisely capture data from PDF invoices.

Scanned Document Works Great as Well

When an invoice is scanned, the OCR technology can accurately analyze the text, numbers, and other relevant information on the document. The clear and defined layout of an invoice, with sections such as invoice number, date, item descriptions, and amounts, allows OCR to efficiently identify and extract the necessary data. This reliable scanning process enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of OCR in accurately recognizing and processing invoice information.

Taking a Photo Can be Effective, but It Requires Some Attention to Ensure Quality

To capture a photo of an invoice document that ensures readability and quality for OCR, there are a few key steps to follow:

  1. Ensure proper lighting by taking a photo of the invoice document in a well-lit area to avoid shadows or glare.

  2. Position the camera or mobile device directly above the document, keeping it steady and perpendicular to the surface.

  3. Make sure the entire invoice is within the frame and in focus, adjusting the distance as needed.

  4. Avoid any blurriness or distortion by keeping the camera steady and using autofocus if available.

  5. Finally, review the photo to ensure all text and details are clear and legible, with no smudging or obstructions.

By following these steps, you can capture a high-quality photo of the invoice document, maximizing the readability and accuracy for OCR processing.

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