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Modified on Thu, 21 Sep, 2023 at 4:54 AM

If you decide to stop using the Jack service and want to close your Jack account, we will help you experience a smooth closure. This article covers how to securely close your Jack account when needed, providing peace of mind and ensuring the appropriate handling of your expense management data.

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Contact Your Account Manager

To initiate the account closure process, get in touch with your dedicated Jack Account Manager. They are equipped to guide you through the necessary steps, address any concerns, and ensure a smooth transition. Your Account Manager will be your primary point of contact and will provide valuable assistance throughout the account closure process.

Contact Jack in Advance

To facilitate a seamless closure, we recommend contacting Jack at least seven days before you intend to close your account. This advance notice allows our team to address any concerns, answer questions, and ensure a smooth transition. By providing sufficient time, we can work together to make the necessary arrangements and avoid any potential disruption to your expense management operations.

Settle Outstanding Bills

Before closing your Jack account, it's essential to settle any outstanding billings to ensure complete financial closure. This step involves reviewing and paying any remaining invoices or pending payments associated with your account. By clearing these obligations, you can finalize your account closure without any financial loose ends.

Withdraw Your Company Balance

Jack values its customers and strives to provide a fair and transparent experience. As part of the account closure process, you can withdraw all remaining balance from your company balance to your company bank account in Jack Portal. The withdrawal process is very easy, learn here. This ensures that you receive the appropriate financial reimbursement and facilitates a smooth transition as you explore other expense management options.

Company Data After Closing Jack's Account

At Jack, we respect your privacy and strive to provide a seamless experience. Right after your account is closed, we'll stop providing services. We reserve the right to block your account if there are detrimental actions. For complaints, refer to our Privacy Policy. You can request to stop personal data collection, processing, storing, and more. Withdraw consent in writing, and we'll help you with the process. We may continue to use and disclose your personal information, documents, and data for certain purposes for a reasonable period of time after termination of the contractual relationship as set out in Jack's Privacy Policy and to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations. Nonetheless, you retain your rights as the owner of personal data in Jack's system. Learn more about data security here.

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