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Discover the different user status in Jack and the meaning behind each of them, providing clarity and control over your organization’s expense management system.

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What is User Status?

User status is an indicator that reflects the current state of the user account inside the Jack platform. User status helps the Business Owner and Admin of your company identify whether a user is active, pending, or deactivated, ensuring proper control and organization of your expense management system. Understanding these statuses is crucial for effective user management.

User Status Types in Jack


The "Active" user status in Jack indicates that the user has full access and is actively using the system. These users can log in, perform various tasks, and utilize all the features and functionalities available to them. Active users who are assigned as Drafters and Approvers in the approval workflow gain access to powerful capabilities within Jack. These users can independently manage expenses, submit any expense requests (depending on which modules they are assigned to), and contribute to the financial operations of your organization. This ensures that only authorized individuals have the ability to oversee and participate in the expense management process, maintaining a streamlined and controlled system.


When a user's status is set to "Deactivated" in Jack, it means that their access to the system has been temporarily revoked. Deactivated users are no longer able to log in or perform any actions within the software. This status might be applied when an employee goes on extended leave, terminates employment, or requires restricted access for a specific period. By deactivating users, you can maintain control over your expense management system and ensure that only authorized users have access. 

Business Owner or Admin can deactivate users on the Users & Teams page, by clicking the "?" on the selected user you want to deactivate. You can not deactivate users who still have pending tasks since they will be stuck in the approval process and might impact other people’s transactions.

Pending Approval

The “Pending Approval” user status only shows when an Employee or Bookkeeper has invited new user(s) to join Jack, but the invitation request has not been approved by the Business Owner or Admin yet. Users with this status can only be seen inside the “Invitation request” page in the Jack Portal by Requester and Business Owner or Admin as Approver. Business Owner or Admin must approve or reject an invitation request first in order to change the status to Invited (if approved).


The "Invited" user status signifies that a user has been invited to join Jack. However, they have not yet completed the registration process or set up their account. Users in this status will not have access until they complete the necessary steps to activate their accounts fully. The "Invited" status allows a Business Owner and Admin to invite users in advance, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience while preventing unauthorized access.

Waiting for Seat

The "Waiting for Seat" user status is applicable when a user has been invited to join Jack but the limit of your company users has reached its limit. Users in this state will have access to register in Jack but they can’t perform any actions until your company chooses to increase the limit of users in your company by upgrading your subscription plan. "Waiting for Seat" status allows Admin to invite new users proactively while maintaining control over the onboarding process.

Access User Status Information

User status is accessible in both Jack Portal and Jack App. In Jack Portal, simply navigate to the Users & Teams page and you can see the Status column in the table. You can use a filter function to track certain user status. This page serves as the central hub for managing your team members' information and monitoring their status. By consolidating this information in one place, we offer you a streamlined experience and ensure efficient financial operations.

The Users & Teams page in Jack is available to all users. While everyone can view each other's statuses, different roles have varying levels of control. Business Owners and Admins have the ability to add, edit, and remove users. On the other hand, Employees and Bookkeepers possess more limited permissions, allowing them to see essential details such as roles, status, and assigned teams. In the ‘Users’ tab, only users that have been successfully invited will be displayed. Users with the ‘Pending Approval’ status can be seen in the ‘Invitation Request’ section.

In Jack App, you can access user status information in the Account menu and you will see your current user status. Unlike Jack Portal, you can not track other users’ status in it. 

Maintaining user status in Jack provides significant benefits for businesses. Firstly, it improves team collaboration by allowing Team Managers to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and intervene in a timely manner, fostering a more productive work environment. Secondly, user status information enables efficient resource allocation as Business Owner and Admin gain insights into workload distribution, ensuring equitable task distribution and preventing overburdening of individual team members. By maintaining user status, businesses can enhance collaboration, optimize resources, and streamline operations.

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