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Discover how you can use the Teams feature in Jack to organize and collaborate on expense management, facilitating streamlined financial operations within your organization.

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What is Team Management in Jack?

Team management in Jack refers to the capability of creating and organizing teams within the software to streamline expense management and enhance collaboration. With team management, you can easily group employees based on their actual teams in your company or certain functions/purposes, allowing for more granular control over expense tracking and approval workflows. 

Benefits of Team Management

Enhanced Expense Control

By leveraging team management in Jack, you gain better control over your organization's expenses. You can assign specific budgets to teams, empowering them to manage their own expenses within predefined limits. This helps ensure that departments or projects stay within their allocated budgets, preventing overspending and promoting responsible financial behavior.

Streamlined Approval Workflows

Team management enables you to define approval hierarchies and workflows tailored to your organization's structure. You can designate Team Leaders or Managers who have the authority to approve or reject expenses within their respective teams. This simplifies the approval process, reduces bottlenecks, and ensures timely reimbursement for employees.

Collaborative Expense Management

With team management, collaborating on expense management becomes seamless. Team members can effortlessly share expense information, receipts, and relevant details within their designated teams. This facilitates transparent communication and fosters collaboration, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in expense tracking.

How to Manage Teams in Jack

The control and management of teams in Jack are in the hands of the Business Owner, Admin, and Team Managers. Team Managers have the authority to oversee and manage their respective teams exclusively. To see and manage Teams in your company, simply click on the profile icon and navigate to the Users & Teams section. Go to the Teams tab and manage your Teams from there. 

Once inside the Teams page, Team Managers who have a Business Owner or Admin role, or Business Owner and Admin, are able to add team members,edit team information as well as remove members from their team. They can also add a new team or remove existing teams if necessary.

The team structure in Jack comprises team members and Team Managers. Your company can create as many teams as possible. Each team can have an unlimited number of team members (depending on the subscription plan you are into) but can have only one assigned Team Manager.

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