What if My Payroll Transaction is Partially Failed?

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Discover valuable information on how to handle partially failed payroll transactions, including strategies for identifying the failed portions, troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue, and ensuring accurate and complete processing of payroll payments.

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In the realm of payroll processing, unexpected issues can sometimes arise, leading to partially failed transactions. This article will guide you through the common scenarios, reasons, and solutions when you encounter a partially failed payroll transaction.

Understanding Partially Failed Payroll Transactions

A partially failed payroll transaction refers to a situation where only a portion of the intended payments have been successfully processed and disbursed to the employeeswhile some have encountered issues or failures. This can happen for various reasons, such as incorrect bank account details or technical glitches.

Reasons for Partially Failed Payroll Transactions

To address a partially failed payroll transaction, it's crucial to identify the underlying reasons. Common causes include invalid bank account informationexpired accountserrors in entering employee details such as mismatched account name or invalid account number, technical Issues within the Jack system, or disruptions from the banking side. In some cases, the error may be the result of entering incorrect information and choosing to proceed despite validation warnings. However, if you've entered the correct information but notice an error on our end, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated Account Manager for assistance and resolution.

Resolving Partially Failed Payroll Transactions

When encountering a partially failed payroll transaction, it's important to take swift action to address the issue and ensure all employees receive their rightful payments. Here are the recommended steps to resolve the situation:

  1. Log in to Jack Portal and navigate to the Transaction menu.

  2. In the Transaction page, identify transactions with the name of your Payroll Transaction with the status of ‘Partially Failed’.

  1. Carefully examine the failed transactions.

  1. If it fails because you mistakenly input the wrong recipient information, please ensure the correctness of data before you resubmit the new transaction.

  2. If it fails because of technical issues in Jack or bank partners, please contact our dedicated Account Manager for further information.

  1. Create the failed transaction from the beginning. To read information about whether you can resubmit failed transactions, read here

Rest assured that you can expect money for those failed transactions to be refunded to the company balance in real-time with a maximum of 1 working day (Monday-Friday) and you check in the Transactions menu (filter Type = Refund for easier tracking).  

In conclusion, encountering a partially failed payroll transaction can be a challenging situation, but it is important to take immediate action and follow the necessary steps to resolve the issue. By reviewing the error messages, communicating with your support team, ensuring accuracy in employee information, and timely recreating the failed transaction, you can mitigate any potential delays or discrepancies in payroll processing. Remember, prioritizing data validation and implementing preventive measures can help maintain employee trust and contribute to their overall financial well-being. Rest assured, our dedicated support team is here to assist you throughout the resolution process and ensure a smooth payroll experience.

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