How to Set Up Customized Receipt

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Learn how to set up customized receipts and personalize your payment receipts with branding elements and specific details in this informative guide.

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How to Set up Customized Receipt

For Business Owners and Admins, accessing the customized receipt feature is easy. You can access this feature only using Jack Portal

Click the profile icon at the bottom left of the page to get started.

Simply navigate to the Settings menu and find the "Customized Receipt" option. From there, you can personalize your receipt templates according to your branding preferences and specific requirements.

Customize Default Template

In this section, you have the option to use our default template with Jack's logo and other brand identity elements, while also having the flexibility to hide your sender data and total fee information if not required. This allows you to maintain a consistent template while customizing it to meet your specific needs.

  1. Click on Default to use our default receipt template. 

  1. Turn off the toggle switch for the Sender section if you want to hide the Sender's name.

  1. Turn off the toggle switch for the Paid Amount and Fee section if you want to hide the total payment amount.

  1. You can also hide both sections if needed, by turning off the respective toggle switches.

  1. As you make changes, you can instantly preview them on the right side. You can also review the email and PDF format (email and PDF will have the same format). Additionally, you can preview the customized receipt for each product, including Local Transfer, International Transfer, Payroll, Bill Payment, and Reimbursement. Each product has the same receipt format. 

  1. Click the Save Changes button to apply and save your modifications. The changes are updated real-time. 

Customize Your Template

In this section, you have the flexibility to customize your payment receipt themes according to your branding and specific requirements. With easy configuration options, you can align your receipt design to reflect your unique identity and enhance the customer experience.

  1. Click on Customized Template to access the customization options.

  1. Begin by configuring the header. Choose to upload your company logo (max size of logo 10MB with JPEG or PNG format), display your company or brand name, or option for no header at all. 

  1. Select a color style from the available options or enter the hex code of your desired color.

  1. Similar to the customized default template, you can hide the sender name, paid amount, and fee if needed.

  1. Lastly, you have the option to add any additional notes to be displayed in the footer section.

  1. Click the Save Changes button to apply and save your modifications. The changes are updated real-time. 

Embrace the power of personalized payment receipts and elevate your brand identity with customized receipts. By utilizing this feature, you can provide a seamless and professional payment experience for your recipients while reinforcing your brand. Start using customized receipts today and enhance the way you communicate with your customers.

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