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Discover how our customized receipt feature empowers businesses to personalize payment receipts, reinforce their brand identity, and streamline the reconciliation process for recipients, fostering efficient communication and trust.

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When businesses use Jack to disburse payments, they sometimes face challenges when their recipients question the source of the payment. The default receipt theme, which prominently features Jack branding, makes it difficult for recipients to identify payments from our clients. To address this issue, we offer a customized receipt feature that allows you to personalize their payment receipts. In this article, we will delve into how this feature can be utilized across various Jack’s spending management products such as local and international money transfers, payroll.By leveraging customized receipts, businesses can enhance their branding and facilitate seamless payment reconciliation for recipients.

Benefits of Using the Customized Receipt Feature

  1. Brand Consistency: By customizing the receipt with their company name, logo, and color theme, businesses can maintain brand consistency throughout their payment process. This helps reinforce brand recognition and establishes a professional image.

  2. Enhanced Reconciliation: Customized receipts make it easier for recipients to identify payments from our clients. With clear branding and personalized information, recipients can quickly reconcile payments, reducing confusion and inquiries.

  3. Improved Professionalism: Personalized receipts demonstrate a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. Clients can add footer notes such as company address and terms and conditions, which provide recipients with essential information and foster trust in the payment process.

  4. Efficient Communication: Sending customized receipts directly to recipients' emails ensures efficient and timely communication. This feature eliminates the need for manual distribution and ensures that recipients have access to their payment details in a convenient and accessible format.

  5. Live Changes Preview: The ability to preview changes in real-time allows clients to make adjustments and ensure the receipt meets their requirements before finalizing it. This feature saves time and streamlines the customization process.

Customized Receipts Configuration

You can easily configure your payment receipt themes to align with your branding and meet your specific needs. Here are the key elements that can be customized:

  1. Choose Header: Clients have the option to display their company name, brand name, or logo prominently at the top of the receipt. This ensures that recipients can quickly identify the payment's source and eliminates confusion.

  2. Hide Sender Name and Paid Amount & Fee: To further enhance privacy and confidentiality, clients can choose to hide sensitive information such as the sender's name, paid amount, and fees. This allows recipients to focus on the essential payment details without unnecessary distractions.

  3. Color Theme Selection: Clients can select a color theme that matches their company's main color or branding guidelines. This customization helps maintain a consistent visual identity across all payment receipts, reinforcing brand recognition.

  4. Input Footer Notes: Clients can include relevant information in the footer section of the receipt. This may include their company address, terms and conditions, or any other important notes. These details provide recipients with additional context and facilitate smooth communication.

Please refer to this article for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to configure and utilize the customized receipt feature.

Once the customized payment receipt is configured, clients have the flexibility to download it (from Transactions history in Transactions menu) or send it directly to their recipient's email. This ensures that the personalized receipt reaches the intended recipient promptly, whether it's a vendor, employee, business partner, or any other party involved in the transaction.

Customized receipts play a crucial role in enhancing payment reconciliation and addressing recipient inquiries about the source of payments. By configuring receipt themes with their company name, hiding sensitive information, selecting color themes, and including footer notes, our clients can streamline the payment process and eliminate confusion. Embrace the power of customized receipts to provide a seamless and professional payment experience for both businesses and their recipients.

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