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Modified on Wed, 16 Aug, 2023 at 6:36 AM

This article introduces the Approval Workflow Setup Editors feature in Jack. Unlike the previous system where all Admins and Business Owners were by default, the Approval Workflow editors, this new capability enables Business Owners to assign certain Admins as Approval Workflow Setup Editors for each module. This targeted approach streamlines the approval process, enhances flexibility, and reinforces transaction control.

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With the new feature, Business Owners will be able to appoint certain Admins as Approval Workflow Setup Editors for particular modules. For instance, Admin A can be responsible for configuring the approval workflow of the "Send Money" module, while Admin B manages the approval setup for the "Bill Payment" module.

By allowing designated Admins to manage approval workflows for specific modules, the approval process becomes more efficient. Each module's workflow can be tailored to its unique requirements, ensuring that the right individuals are involved at each step.

Admins assigned as editors for specific modules will have access to corresponding tabs in the approval workflow setup page. They will not be able to access the other tab if they are not assigned as the editor for those modules. 

While Admins can now be assigned as editors, the Business Owner retains default editor status and maintains access to all modules. In other words, the Business Owner's role as an editor is irrevocable. This ensures that high-level oversight remains intact while allowing for more granular customization.

So, how to set up the Approval Workflow editors? Here is the step to do it in Jack Portal:

  1. As a Business Owner, Navigate to the Approval Workflow page by clicking the menu on the bottom-left of your screen, and select Workflow.

  2. Click the Editors button.

  3. Add editors by clicking the button, or delete the current editor with x button on the side of the current editor. Please note that Business Owner (marked with yellow color) is not deletable.

  4. Select which user(s) or role you want to assign as the editor for that particular module. Currently, you can only assign users with Admin roles as editors.

  5. Click the Save Changes button when you are finished, or click cancel if you wish to discard the changes.

The Approval Workflow Setup Editors feature in Jack represents a significant advancement in approval workflow management. By enabling Business Owners to assign specific Admins for module-specific customization, Jack ensures a streamlined, secure, and adaptable approval process that aligns precisely with an organization's operational dynamics.

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