Product Updates, October 2023

Modified on Thu, 18 Jan 2024 at 09:09 AM

This month, we released a bunch of improvements we know you’ve been asking for - schedule payments, categorize transactions, and many more. In short, we’ve been busy elevating your financial experience with us. Let’s take a look!

Send Money to USD (USA) and SGD using SWIFT Network is Now Available

We are thrilled to announce that you can now send money to USD (USA) and SGD swiftly and securely through the SWIFT network. This enhancement provides you more flexibility to choose which settlement method you prefer to use, putting you in control of your finances like never before. Experience swift and secure money transfers, save your money with our competitive IDR to USD (USA) or IDR to SGD exchange rates and flat fees, and enjoy more comprehensive transaction tracking.

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Need to plan, schedule your expenses ahead of time? Introducing Schedule Payment 

The most anticipated feature in Jack is rolling out now, the Scheduled Payment feature. By utilizing this feature, you can mitigate the risk of late payments for vendor bills, Jack's Corporate Card bills, and other important payments. You can also get better control over expenditure budgets and cash flow by knowing the scheduled transactions in advance. This feature is currently available for products including Local Transfer, Bill Payment, Payroll, Reimbursement, and Corporate Card bill payments. Now, it’s time to start scheduling, in just a few clicks!

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Categorize Transactions Directly in Jack 

No more manual categorization during your bookkeeping activities because you can now swiftly categorize all transactionsaccording to your company’s Chart of Accounts, directly in Jack platform. Transaction reports are now enhanced with a new ‘Category’ column, available on the Transaction page or exportable as needed. Curious which category contributed to the most expenditures? Grasp within seconds with a real-time tracker of total expenditures per category inside the Category menu. Unleash new financial insights with this powerful capability. If you’re new to this, Business Owner, Admin, or Bookkeeper need to activate this feature and determine transaction categories will be used first. 

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Renew Nearly Expired Virtual Card in One Click

Introducing you: The hassle-free Jack card renewal process! Jack ensures your Virtual or Prepaid Cards are always secure, up-to-date, and ready for use without any hassle. If your card is nearly expired, we will remind you through various channels and you can renew your card easily in the card details page by entering your PIN. Forgot to renew? Don't panic.. Jack smart system will take care of the process with Auto-Renewal feature, ensuring your card is always ready to use without interruption.

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Little Fixes = Big Enhancements

  • Employees and Bookkeepers can issue their own Prepaid Card now by following the secure approval workflow set by your company. 

Click here to start exploring these new features in your workspace.

If you want to explore the new product updates in Jack App, you must update the app to the latest version in Appstore/Playstore (search: Jack Finance then click Update button).

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