Why Don’t I Get Push Notification on My Mobile Device?

Modified on Fri, 12 Jan 2024 at 03:37 AM

Confused on why you don’t receive any push notifications from Jack on your mobile devices? Solve your problem by accounting the following possible reasons.

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  1. Turn On Push Notification Settings 

One of the most common reasons for not receiving any notifications from Jack in your mobile is you have not set up your notification preference in Jack. Jack will notify you through push notifications for several notification types (e.g. successful transactions, transactions need approval, and many more). If you do not turn the settings off for all notification types, then you will not receive push notifications. Read this article to know how to set up your notification preferences.

You can manage your Jack push notifications settings from Jack App and Portal.

  1. Allow Receiving Notification in Your Mobile Device

You have to turn on the setting on your mobile device to allow receiving notification from Jack App. Each device brand has its own steps, starting from your mobile device’s settings page (See this article to learn the how).

  1. Update Jack App to the Latest Version

Ensure that you are using the latest version of Jack App. In a rare case, older versions may not support the push notifications system yet. Check whether your Jack App is updated or not here.

  1. Exempt Jack App from a Battery / Memory Optimization Feature

Battery-saving modes can lead to notification issues. Ensure that you turn off any battery-saving modes or exclude Jack App from that feature to remove the possibility of your mobile device suppressing Jack App’s push notifications.

  1. Turn Off ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on your mobile device disallows you to receive push notifications. Thus, ensure that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on your mobile device is not activated, or to still allow notifications from Jack App if you are using this mode.

  1. Clear Jack App Cache

Most applications maintain a cache and data storage section regarding your usage and activities. Over time, this data may become corrupted or excessively large, resulting in unwanted app behavior such as not receiving notifications. Thus, you can frequently clear Jack App cache and data to eliminate this possibility.

  1. Download and Install Latest Software Update 

Software updates may introduce new features that can impact how notifications work. If you haven’t updated your device’s software recently, applications that rely on these new features to deliver notifications may not function properly. Regularly check whether your device’s software is up-to-date or not.

  1. Have a Stable Internet Connection

Ensure that your device has an active and stable network connection, whether through Wi-Fi or mobile data. Push notifications require an internet connection to be delivered. 

  1. Restart Your Mobile Device or Reinstall Jack App

Restarting your mobile device serves as a digital ‘refresh’ to offer your device a clean slate to operate from. It can often resolve any minor disruptions, such as not receiving notifications, that you experience swiftly. Similarly, reinstalling the Jack App provides you with a fresh, untarnished version of our application. 

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