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This article gives an overview of the Jack notification feature which functions as your smart helper - ensuring you are always up-to-date with all important transactions, payments, workflow, or news and promotions information in Jack.


About Notification Feature

Stay informed and in control of your transactions with Jack smart notifications system. Jack will send notifications to inform any activities that are relevant to you and/or your role. There are four (4) notification categories you might receive: 

  1. Transaction-related: Inform you about the latest status of the transactions that you create (e.g. success, in progress). If you are an Approver or Releaser, you can opt to also be notified when a transaction requires your approval; this can be done by managing your notification preference (see this article to know how)

  2. Company Payments: Notify you on your recurring payments to Jack (e.g. monthly card bills) to avoid late fees or account suspension.

  3. Account & Workflow: Keeping you updated on any role or approval workflow changes in Jack (e.g. change your role from Employee to Admin, you are assigned as the approval workflow editor for bill payment) to fully know your responsibilities. 

  4. News & Promo: Receive Jack’s latest news (e.g. maintenance information, urgent issues, new product launch, etc.) and not stay behind on our ongoing promotions.

Despite various notification types, Jack’s system will not send all notifications to all users. Instead, only relevant users/roles will receive relevant notification at a relevant time; in order to eliminate spamming information and protect your confidential data. For example, we will only notify about Payroll transactions to those who are an Approver or Releaser for the Payroll product in your company. 

Your Notification Hub: Notifications Page

Jack provides a dedicated Notifications page that is accessible from both Jack Portal and Jack App. This is an additional platform from other notification channels, such as email and push notifications, that we utilize to keep you informed. Notifications page acts as a convenient hub where you can read all important, relevant information sent to you, either transaction-related tasks, promotional content, or payment reminders. Notification page is accessible to all users, but the information displayed will differ among users, depending on the relevance to each user. It saves you from the hassle of having to search through different sections of Jack to find the information that you need or to manually ask your colleagues for updates.

In the Jack Portal, you can access the Notifications page by clicking the ‘bell’ icon at the top right corner of your screen on the ‘Dashboard’ pageWhereas in the Jack App, you can access the Notifications page by clicking 
the ‘bell’ icon at the top right corner of your screen on the ‘Home’ page.

What’s Inside the Notification Page?

  1. Notification Message: Inform you the real-time, most updated information about your transaction status, payment reminders, ongoing news & promotions, etc. You can also click on each notification message, and it will direct you to the related page to let you perform the required activities. However, not all pages / features are available in Jack App, so in some cases, you will be advised to open the page in the Jack Portal instead.  

  2. Notification Category and Counter: Divide the category of information into two (Activity and News & Promo) and display the number of notifications per category that you have not read.

  3. Mark as Read: You can mark as read single or all notifications. By clicking on the ‘Mark as Read’ icon on a notification message, you will change the notification state from ‘Unread’ to ‘Read’ for that selected message. On the other hand, you can also opt to mark all notifications as ‘Read’ by selecting the ‘Mark all as read’ option.

  4. Quick Filter: Enhancing your experience in filtering the notifications that you have not read by clicking on the ‘Unread’ button. In doing so, the notification page will only display the unread notifications.

  5. Notification Settings: Manage how you would like to receive your notifications by clicking the settings icon. It would then redirect yourself to Jack’s notification settings page, where you could customize which notifications that you want to receive through other channels. 

Notify You through Multiple Channels

Jack acknowledges that you have different channel preferences to be notified on. Thus, in addition to the Notifications page in Jack Portal and App, Jack’s notification system extends to other various channels, such as emails and push notifications. Jack will send you relevant push notifications if you already have a Jack Finance application on your mobile device (click here to download Jack Finance application) or email to your registered email address. Read this article to learn how to allow your mobile device to receive push notifications from Jack.

Take Full Control of Your Notification Settings

You’re in the driver seat to determine how you would like to receive the notifications. You can turn on or off the notification from push notifications from Jack Portal or App, see details here. You would just need to go to the Settings → Notifications menu in Jack Portal or to the Account → Notifications menu in Jack App. Another entry point is clicking the ‘gear’ icon at the top right of the Notification page. All users are able to access the notification setting page, and each user can customize their own notification preference. Any notification setting changes on Jack Portal will also reflect on your Jack App, and vice versa. 

You are not able to customize your email preference at this moment. As a result, you will still receive emails from us by default. Please be assured that we are dedicated to providing you with the option to personalize your email settings in the near future.

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