How to Request a Bill or Invoice Payment

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This article outlines step by step requesting a Bill or Invoice Payment for Drafter inside Jack Portal. 

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Request a Bill Payment in Jack Portal

Anyone who is assigned as a Drafter can request Bill Payments to your company only using the Jack Portal (not available in Jack App yet), through approval workflows by Approver and Releaser. Drafter, Approver, and Releaser have been appointed since the beginning using the approval workflow (read here). 

There are 17 steps to request a bill or invoice payment in Jack Portal: 

  1. Click Create at the top right of the screen and select Bill Payment.

  1. Upload your receipts by clicking the document icon inside the box with a dashed outline. You can upload up to 10 invoices at once. Please ensure the invoice size is lower than 10 MB and has PNG, JPG, or PDF format. Ensure the photo of your invoice is captured correctly by following the guideline here.

  1. After uploading all invoices, click Continue.

  1. Jack’s system, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, will read each uploaded invoice(s) one-by-one. It will take a while to read more than one invoice.

  1. Review and complete all uploaded invoice details. There will be two (2) status shown: Missing Details and Ready to Submit. For an invoice that has Missing Details status, you can edit the invoice until all fields are filled correctly. For a Ready to Submit invoice, you can review the invoice details once again to ensure the data populated is correct. To see or edit invoice detailsselect the invoice you wish to see or edit or click three dots at the end of the selected row. There are 3 options available:

    1. Edit: to edit invoice details

    2. Move to Draft: to move selected invoice to draft, you can edit the invoice details later from the drafted transaction.

    3. Delete: to remove this invoice from the list

In this step, if you want to upload a new invoice(s), you don’t need to go back to prior steps, just click the Add Invoice button at the top right of the page. 

You can edit a “Missing Details” invoice while the other invoices are still “Processing”. No need to wait for all of them to finish Processing.

  1. Our OCR technology is able to read the details in your invoice and pre-populate some of the fields for you. Fill the missing part and please check every detail to ensure that the information is correct.

The Transaction Category field is available once your company activates the Category feature. It is mandatory to be filled if the company sets the category as required, otherwise you may leave it blank. To learn how to do this, refer to our article.

  1. You can now add and save recipient bank details by clicking "Input recipient details". For subsequent bill payment submissions, you can simply choose your saved recipient bank.

  1. Enter the Vendor Name, Email, Bank Name, and Bank Account Number, and then click the Validate button. If you input the email address, the transaction receipt will be sent automatically to the recipient’s email once completed.

  1. If the bank account number is valid and found, click the Save & Select button to proceed.

  1. Our OCR technology can also read the items on your invoice and put them in the "Items Subtotal" section. You can easily add, edit, or delete item names, prices, and quantities, and our system will automatically calculate the total for you.

  1. You can also include additional fees and taxes in the "Fees & Taxes" section:

    1.  We have provided some predefined taxes, such as PPh 21, PPh 23, and PPN.

  1. You can also customize your own fees or taxes. Begin by entering the name of the fee or tax (e.g., service tax, shipping fees, discounts, etc.), choose whether to add or deduct the amount, select the type (fixed amount or percentage), and then click Apply.

    When customizing your own fees or taxes and using the percentage type, you can choose whether to apply the percentage value to the Items Subtotal only or include other additional fees and taxes as well!

  1. You can also upload supporting relevant documents, depending on the requirements of your company regarding Bill Payment.

  1. After reviewing all invoice details and filling the missing part, all invoice status will change to Ready to submitSelect to Submit button will turn to green, click this button to continue.

When Jack detects a duplicate invoice, we will provide a warning for you. However, as a Drafter, you can still choose to keep the invoice and proceed or delete it.

  1. Select invoice(s) you wish to submit. You can select all invoices at once or select some of the invoices by ticking the mark in each row, then click Submit Selected.

  1. There will be a confirmation pop-up regarding the invoices to be submitted. You cannot edit or make any further changes once it’s submitted. Check it again for the last time, then click Submit

  1. Congrats! Invoices have been submitted and will be sent to the Approvers to review the requests. Read more about how to review and approve or reject Bill Payment requests here.

  1. Monitor your transaction status in Jack Portal or Jack App by clicking on the Transactions menu. The status will remain Pending Approval until it’s approved and released by Approver and Releaser. 

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