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This article gives an overview of local transfer products inside the Jack platform as a method for transferring funds to many local bank accounts and e-wallets seamlessly. It also covers the major advantages of using Jack local transfer compared to service from other payment service providers in Indonesia. 

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Local Transfer is an innovative financial solution designed to streamline and simplify the process of disbursing money from one to multiple bank accounts and e-wallets simultaneously. With our efficient system, clients can easily transfer funds to thousands of recipients in a single transaction, all at a low cost.

Competitive Advantages Using Jack Local Transfer 

  1. Send Multiple Transactions At Once

Streamline your local transfers with our solution that lets you send money up to many bank accounts at the same time. Enjoy instant transactions without the hassle of tedious manual transfers.

  1. Save Big On Local Transfers With Our Unbeatable Pricing

Don’t break the bank on local transfers. Trust us to deliver the most affordable fees.

  1. Real-Time Transfers: Available Every Day, Every Hour

Don't let banking hours get in the way of your financial transactions. Our local transfer solution is real-time, available 24/7 round the clock and 365 days all year round, even during public holiday.

4.   Transfer to 150+ Banks and E-Wallets with Ease

Ditch the complexity of managing multiple banking platforms - our solution connects you to 150+ banks and e-wallets effortlessly.

Jack Local Transfer Key Feature

  1. Bulk Money Disbursement: Local Transfer eliminates the time-consuming task of manually transferring funds to multiple recipients one by one. Users can simply upload a database containing the bank account details in xlsx up to 10MB, and our system takes care of the rest.

  2. Bank Account Verification: We understand the importance of ensuring accurate transactions, which is why Local Transfer includes a built-in bank account name verification feature. Before sending any money, our system cross-references the uploaded bank account details with the corresponding account names to minimize errors and prevent fraudulent transfers. If a bank account cannot be found or the bank name is different we will give an alert to the users.

  3. Cost-effective Solution: Our primary focus is to provide a cost-effective method for large-scale money disbursements. Local Transfer offers competitive pricing plans that cater to the specific needs of our clients, enabling them to save money on transaction fees compared to traditional methods.

  4. Streamlined Process: By leveraging the power of automation, Local Transfer simplifies the entire transfer process. Users can upload their bank account database, review and confirm the transactions, and initiate the transfers with just a few clicks. This minimizes manual effort, reduces the risk of errors, and saves valuable time.

  5. Secure and Reliable: Security is paramount when handling financial transactions. Local Transfer adheres to the highest security standards, implementing robust encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive user data and financial information. Our reliable system ensures that funds are transferred securely and accurately, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Our intuitive Jack local transfer lets you perform transactions, review and approve the transactions, and disburse bulk transfers in just a few clicks. See how it works here. No more wasting time navigating through complex and manual processes or struggling with high transfer fees. The day of hassle-free local transactions has arrived. Don't settle for subpar transfers. Choose Jack and experience the difference now.

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