Batch Local Transfer, SLA, and Fee

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This article provides an explanation of batch transactions using Jack Local Transfer product, fee per transaction, approval steps and duration of sending batch transactions.

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Welcome to our article on batch Local Transfers, where we explore the convenience, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and associated fees. With the ability to create batch Local Transfers to multiple banks and e-wallets, our platform offers you a seamless and efficient payment solution. Let's dive into the details of how batch Local Transfers work and the benefits they provide.

Batch Local Transfer: Simplifying Your Payments

Jack Local Transfer allows you to initiate batch Local Transfers and send funds to up to 1000 recipients in a single transaction. Whether you need to disburse payment to several suppliers at once, or conduct other bulk transfers, batch Local Transfers streamline the process and save you valuable time. With just a few clicks, you can complete payments to 150+ banks and e-wallets in Indonesia, making financial transactions hassle-free. 

Jack platform offers a flexible yet convenient way for you in how you input the recipients when conducting batch transfer. You can utilize Jack's predefined template by uploading the CSV file or manually entering the recipient details one-by-one directly in Jack Portal. Learn how to create batch Local Transfers here.

Local Transfer SLA

When it comes to the timeliness of your Local Transfers, we strive to provide a real-time transfer experience. Once your transfer request is approved and released by the Releaser, our system will automatically send the money to all recipients in real-time. It usually takes around five (5) minutes for your money being received by the beneficiary. However, it's important to note that the actual processing time may depend on the system and processes of the recipient Bank or e-wallet. While most transfers are completed promptly, there may be occasional delays due to technical or operational factors beyond our control. Rest assured that we continuously work to ensure efficient and timely transfers, and we remain committed to providing you with the best possible service. The edge case, if your Local Transfer transaction is still “In Progress” or failed after a while, please contact our Customer Care team.

If your Local Transfer transaction returns the state failed, the Drafter is required to create a new Local Transfer request. Ensure that the recipient's details are correct to avoid the failed transaction. 

Batch Local Transfer Handling Fee

The handling fee for a Local Transfer request is tied to each transaction and the amount of the handling fee for each transaction varies depending on your company's subscription plan. Your can find the details of Local Transfer handling fee in below table:

Local transfer handling fee

Subscription Plan

Handling Fee

Seed Plan

IDR 2,000/transaction

Growth Plan

IDR 1,500/transaction

Jack Local Transfer handling fee is highly competitive, and Releasers are able to see the handling fee for each recipient when they are ready to pay and release the transfer. You can save more money by upgrading your subscription plan, refer to the guide available here.

Completing Payments with Company Balance

To offer you greater convenience, our batch Local Transfer service allows you to complete payments by deducting from your company balance. This feature simplifies the payment process and eliminates the need for external payment methods. By utilizing your company balance, you can streamline your financial operations and have greater control over your funds.

Rest assured, we are dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience and continuously improving our services to meet your needs. Experience the ease and efficiency of batch Local Transfers with us today!

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