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In Jack, Team Managers play a crucial role in overseeing and guiding their respective teams. This article provides an overview of the responsibilities and capabilities of Team Managers within the Jack platform, including their role in approving workflows, managing team members, and accessing various modules.

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The Role of Team Managers in Jack

In Jack, the role of a Manager is closely tied to team or department tags. Each Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing their respective team or department. It's important to note that being a Manager is not a standalone user role; a Manager can simultaneously hold the roles of an Employee, Admin, or even Business Owner, besides their additional role as a Manager. If you want to know user role variation in Jack, click here.

While Managers play a vital role in the expense management process, their role within the Jack platform is optional. Some users can be appointed as Team Managers by Business Owner or Admin. However, your company can choose not to onboard Team Managers, allowing all approvals to be handled by Admin or Business Owners (or depending on the approval workflow set in your company). However, if Managers are assigned, each team has a limit of one Manager, while one Manager can handle as many team members as possible.

Managing Workflows

After being assigned as Approver/Releaser in the approval workflow, Managers in Jack have the authority to approve workflows specific to their teams. For instance, if a user is the Manager of a development team, they can approve payment requests from all development team members. This ensures that approvals and requests within a team are handled by the appropriate Manager.

User Management

Managers have varying levels of access to the Users & Teams page based on their roles within the organization. 

Managers who have the role of an Employee can only view users of their team members. On the other hand, Managers who have the Admin or Business Owner role, besides seeing their team members database, they also have the ability to edit team members' details and invite new users, who will be automatically assigned to their respective teams. They are also eligible to remove team members if needed. 

Multiple Team Management

In Jack, it is possible for a user to be a Manager of multiple teams. This flexibility allows Managers to oversee and coordinate multiple departments or teams simultaneously, streamlining their managerial responsibilities within the software.

Team Managers Capabilities Across Jack Modules

Managers in Jack have specific capabilities and access to various modules that aid in financial management. To activate these capabilities, Managers must be assigned as the actor in the approval workflow from the beginning. The following sections outline the roles and permissions Managers have within different modules of the software.

Cards Management

Managers can efficiently manage their team members' cards within Jack. They have the authority to issue, approve card requests, and make necessary edits for their team members’ cards. Additionally, Managers can review their team's card spending and access a comprehensive list of transactions made by team members.

Issuing their own card might require additional approval if the set limit exceeds a certain amount, following the designated workflow.

Reimbursement and Bill Payment

Managers are responsible for approving reimbursement requests from their team members. They have the ability to review and approve submitted reimbursements and invoices for their team, ensuring efficient processing and transparency within the expense management system. They also can view the list of submitted transactions from their team members, However, Managers cannot view draft reimbursements and invoices.

Money Transfers

Managers can be designated as Approvers for money transfers within the Jack platform. They have the authority to review and approve submitted transfers for their team members. The system allows Managers to configure approval limits and logic, offering options for both vertical (AND) and horizontal (OR) approvals. This flexibility ensures efficient money transfer processes while maintaining necessary controls. Managers can view the list of submitted transfers from their team members, but they cannot access draft transfers.

Ex-Managers and Substitutions

When a Manager is removed or replaced by an Admin or Business Owner, the ex-Manager still retains visibility into certain information within the Jack platform. The following are the areas where ex-Managers and their substitutions can access relevant data:

  1. Tasks or approvals that haven't been approved during their tenure as Team Managers.
  2. Transaction history from their team members, including the index page within each module.
  3. List of unactivated cards associated with their former team.

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