How to Resolve Duplicate Categories when Adding Categories

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Discover how to tackle the issue of duplicate categories in Jack. Whether you're adding a single category manually, multiple categories at once, or by importing a CSV file, this guide will help you navigate and resolve the problem seamlessly.

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When Do Duplicate Categories Occur?

You've found yourself in a scenario where you're adding new categories, but yellow icons are raised – the dreaded "Duplicate Category" error. This typically occurs when the Category Name or Account Code you're trying to input matches an existing category in your company account or matches in your working table. But fear not, there's a straightforward way to resolve this and continue with your expense categorization process. Whether you're adding a new single categorymultiple categories by filling out the table, or importing via CSV, watch out for duplicate categories.

How to Resolve Duplicate Categories

Jack's system is smart – it automatically detects whether you have duplicate categories either in your working table or with the existing categories. It happens when you are in the process of checking data for newly added categories. You can easily spot these by heading to the Duplicate tab. To distinguish the duplication between your table and those in the existing categories, just hover over the yellow icon.

If you're determined to keep your existing categories untouched, the solution lies in adjusting the names or account codes of the categories you're trying to add. This quick adjustment will rid your table of duplicate categories, allowing you to smoothly import your desired categories. 

If you're determined to preserve the specific details of the categories you wish to add, you'll need to make adjustments to the existing categories that share the same account code or category name on the Categories page. Go back to edit the existing category details first, then come back adding the new ones. To learn how to effortlessly edit categories, check out our step-by-step guide in this article.

You can not import the new categories unless the duplication is solved. 

After adjusting it either ways, you will successfully remove duplicate categories from your table, allowing you to start importing the new categories.

If you find it more convenient to use our Single Category option when adding a new category, you might run into a situation where you accidentally input the same Account Code and Category Name with the existing ones. In such cases, Jack will kindly notify you of an error in each of these fields to ensure you're well-informed.

As mentioned earlier, you can easily resolve this issue by following these steps:

  • Modify the Account Code and Category Name for the category you wish to add.

  • Adjust the Account Code and Category Name for an existing category that shares the same details.

This way, you can avoid any duplicates and keep your financial records clean and organized. We understand that using new software can be a bit overwhelming, so we aim to make these processes as user-friendly as possible for you.

Encountering duplicate categories while adding new entries doesn't have to be a stumbling block. With Jack's user-friendly interface and these simple yet effective steps, you can confidently resolve this issue. Remember, a little adjustment in your existing categories or the ones you're adding can go a long way in maintaining the integrity of your expense management system. Enjoy a streamlined financial operation, error-free.

Remember, your journey with Jack is about efficiency, accuracy, and a hassle-free financial experience. Let us assist you in conquering those duplicate categories so you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

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