International Transfer Documents Requirements

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Discover a detailed list of the essential documents required for sending money abroad including the necessary documentation needed to efficiently facilitate International Transfer.

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In the realm of International Transfers, besides providing the correct data as required here, there are additional document references needed that are vital to ensure the seamless flow of goods and funds across borders. These documents serve as critical evidence, supporting the authenticity and legitimacy of transactions

When creating an International Transfer on Jack, you will be required to fill in the Document Reference Number in the Additional Information step. Whether you are engaged in global trade or making cross-border payments, understanding and providing these necessary documents correctly can help you navigate the complexities of International Transfers effectively. Let’s familiarize yourself with these documents!

  1. Invoice
    The invoice is a fundamental document that provides a detailed breakdown of the goods or services being transferred. It includes essential information such as item descriptions, quantities, prices, and payment terms. The invoice serves as a formal request for payment and helps establish the value of the transaction. You can input the 
    Invoice Number when creating an International Transfer on Jack.

  2. Delivery Note
    A delivery note, also known as a packing slip or shipping document, accompanies the goods during shipment. It contains information about the contents of the package, including item descriptions, quantities, and any special handling instructions. The delivery note serves as proof of delivery and assists in verifying the accuracy of the received goods. When creating an International Transfer on Jack, you can put the 
    Document Number during the Additional Information process.

  3. Purchase Order
    A purchase order is a document issued by the buyer to the seller, outlining the details of the requested goods or services. It includes information such as item descriptions, quantities, prices, delivery dates, and payment terms. The purchase order helps establish a contractual agreement between the buyer and the seller and acts as a reference point for the transaction. You can input the 
    Purchase Order Number when creating an International Transfer on Jack.

  4. Sales Agreement or Contract
    A sales agreement or contract formalizes the terms and conditions of a sale between the buyer and the seller. It outlines the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of both parties, including pricing, payment terms, delivery requirements, and any warranties or guarantees. The sales agreement or contract provides legal protection and ensures clarity in the transaction. You can input the 
    Document Number when creating an International Transfer on Jack.

  5. Payslip
    In the context of international transfers involving payroll or employee payments, payslip are essential documents. They detail the salary or wages earned by an employee, along with deductions, bonuses, and other financial information. Payslips provide transparency and accountability in employer-employee financial transactions. You can input the 
    Document Number when creating an International Transfer on Jack.

  6. Export or Import Documentation
    Export and import documentation includes various forms, permits, and certificates required by customs authorities to facilitate the movement of goods across international borders. These documents may include export licenses, import licenses, certificates of origin, customs declarations, and compliance documents specific to the nature of the goods being transported. You can input the 
    Document Number when creating an International Transfer on Jack.

There are certain cases where Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) may be necessary, and you might be requested to provide additional documents. These special cases arise when there are higher risk factors involved or specific regulatory requirements to fulfill. The exact documents required for EDD may vary depending on the circumstances and the jurisdiction involved. It is important to stay informed and prepared, as complying with EDD requests ensures compliance with anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations. In such instances, you will receive specific instructions regarding the required documents and any additional steps to follow to facilitate a smooth and secure International Transfer.

We are committed to provide a seamless experience by offering a user-friendly interface that enables you to upload and manage the necessary documents effortlessly. By leveraging our platform's features, you can streamline the document submission process, enhance transparency, and ensure compliance with international regulations. Join us today and experience the convenience of a robust International Transfer platform tailored to meet your business needs.

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