Personal Data Protection Scope

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Discover the scope and types of personal data that are protected by the current laws and regulations.

Understand the laws that regulate personal data processing in the financial service industry which are adhered to by Jack.

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The Personal Data Protection Law and Bank Indonesia Regulations regulate the scope of personal data protection that Jack must adhere to. Personal data protection scope include, among other things, types of personal data, rights of personal data subjects, processing of personal data, obligations of controllers and processors of personal data, and transfer of personal data.

Based on Act No. 27 of 2022 concerning Personal Data Protection (PDP Act), the types of personal data that must be protected consist of specific personal data and general personal data. As a PSP, Jack is obliged to protect the types of personal data regulated in the PDP Act, namely:

  1. specific personal data, including financial data; and

  2. general personal data, including full name, gender, and/or personal data combined to identify a person.

The PDP Law also regulates your rights as a subject of personal data which must be guaranteed by Jack. Your rights as a personal data subject can be found here.

Jack as the controller and processor of your personal data must comply with the obligations of processing personal data regulated in the PDP Act. Information about how Jack processes your data can be found here.

In transferring personal data, the PDP Act requires Jack to implement personal data protection as stipulated in the PDP Act. Jack is obliged to ensure that the country where your personal data is received has a level of personal data protection that is at least equivalent to the PDP Act.

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