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Discover our powerful Corporate Card that gives you flexibility making online and offline spending, anytime and anywhere. Our revolutionary cards will help you manage your company's financial needs with ease, optimize cost savings, and streamline operations with Jack. Get to know what Physical, Virtual, and Prepaid Cards are. Figure out the powerful advantages of Jack’s Corporate Card compared to traditional cards issuance from a bank

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No More Hassles with Getting Your Corporate Card

Getting a traditional business card can be a real headache. Clients often have to deal with lots of paperwork, slow responses, and a long wait to get the card. These old ways slow down your business and can get in the way of growth.

And once you have the card, you might have to deal with spending limits that don't really work for your business. Banks can be strict and don't always give you the flexibility you need.

There's also the worry about losing the card or having it stolen. Dealing with these problems and getting a replacement card can take a long time.

Get to Know Jack Corporate Card

This is where Jack Corporate Card comes in. It's a new, revolutionary business card that gives you more control and solves these common problems. With Jack Corporate Card, you can get your business card 

fast and easilyNo more paperwork or waiting around. You can get to work right away, which helps keep your business moving.

You can use Jack Corporate Card worldwide, 24/7. It's great for online or phone purchases, and you can even use it in physical stores by adding it to your mobile wallet. We partnered with Visa and Mastercard to provide you the best-in-class corporate card.

Not only that, you can assign the card to your team members with a custom limit and monitor card usage real-time using our intuitive Jack Portal or Jack App. Hassle-free monitor your spending anywhere you go, anytime you want. 

The best part? Jack Corporate Card lets you set your own spending limits. You get to decide based on what's best for your business. This means you can plan your spending better and keep a closer eye on your money. Wanna increase your limit? It just takes a few clicks using our user-friendly Jack Portal. 

In short, Jack Corporate Card makes managing your business easier. It's a quick, flexible, and secure way to handle your business spending. It's a fresh approach to business cards, ready for today's fast, digital business world.

Competitive Advantage Using Jack Corporate Card

Limitless Access To Jack Physical and Virtual Cards

We give you the freedom to create unlimited Physical and Virtual Cards for your company. This means you have full control over your company's expenses and your team knows exactly what they can spend. This unlimited access opens up endless opportunities for your business

Get Your Cards Whenever You Need It

Time is money and we don't want you to waste it. Abandon the traditional, lengthy bank approval process and embrace the efficiency of our streamlined service. You can now start using your cards in less than 7 days, all it takes are a few simple clicks. Because we understand, you need to get back to doing what you do best - running your business.

Customizable Spending Limits, You’re in Control

Every business is unique, and so are its financial needs. That's why we let you set spending limits for each card. We provide the ability to easily adjust each card's spending limits, enabling you to tailor-fit your team's budget needs. Control is in your hands and financial management has never been easier.

Total Control Over Card Access

In the ever-evolving world of business, being in control is not a luxury, but a necessity. Jack Corporate Card system gives you the authority to assign, approve, and monitor card usage for your team members, all-in-all using our user-friendly Jack Portal and App. It's not just about managing expenses, it's about being in the driver's seat of your business finances.

More Secure, Less Fraud

Security is paramount in the digital age. Our one-click block and freeze feature delivers just that, giving you instantaneous control over your corporate cards. Feel confident knowing your finances are safe, secure, and in your control.

Manage on Mobile

We know how important it is to be able to manage your card and money on the go. That's why we've created a user-friendly Jack app. This puts all your card and spending information in one place and lets you control your cards (edit, freeze, block, remove) wherever you are.

See Every Transaction, Anytime

Transparency is key when it comes to efficient financial management. Real-time tracking of your card transactions provides the visibility you need to manage your expenses more effectively. No more guesswork, just real-time, data-driven decision making.

Innovation, control, and speed – that's what Jack Corporate Card service offers. It's not just about changing the way you manage your business finances, it's about reinventing it. So, are you ready to take your business to the next level? Get started now!

Three Types of Jack Corporate Cards

With Jack Corporate Cards, you can confidently embrace a new era of efficient expense management, flexibility, and control. Our innovative solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern businesses, offering genuine convenience and security. Empower your team with the tools they need to thrive while you confidently steer your company towards success. We offer three types of Corporate Cards tailored to meet your specific needs.

Physical Card

Experience the convenience and acceptance of a Physical Corporate Card for in-person transactions, empowering your business wherever it goes. The smart and secure way to make offline purchases and track your business expenses.

Virtual Card

Seamlessly manage online expenses with our Virtual Corporate Card. Fast-lightning card issuance and enjoy the flexibility of secure transactions without the need for a Physical Card. The ultimate tool for company-wide spending, our card lets you spend and succeed anywhere.

Prepaid Card

Take control of your spending with our Prepaid Corporate Card, ensuring optimal budget management. Top up first, make purchases after. Have better spending control with our Prepaid Card.

Curious how powerful Jack’s Corporate Card is to ease the financial operation of your business? Do not let it slide, start your journey with Jack, for free, by clicking here.


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