How to Get My Virtual Card

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Step-by-step guidance on getting your Virtual Corporate Card, ensuring convenient and secure virtual transactions.

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Get Virtual Cards for Your Company

Same like getting your Physical Card, Anyone who is assigned as a Requester can make a request to get a Virtual Card for themselves. This can be done using Jack Portal (not available in Jack App yet), through approval workflows by Approver and Releaser. Requester, Approver, and Releaser have been appointed since the beginning using the approval workflow (read here). Prior to requesting the card, you have to finish the onboarding data requirements first, learn what to do here. You can get an unlimited Virtual Card without a monthly fee if you have subscribed to our Growth Plan. Wanna upgrade? Learn here.

We understand that obtaining your Virtual Card should be a hassle-free experience, and we're here to guide you through the process step by step. There are 6 simple steps to get a Virtual Card in Jack Portal. Let's dive in:

  1. Start Your Issuing Process
    Log in to Jack Portal. Click the
     Corporate Card menu at the menu bar, then click the New Card 
    button at the top of the page.

    Another entry point is clicking Create at the top right of the page and selecting New Card. This action will initiate the issuance or request for a new Virtual Card.

  1. Choose the Virtual Card Option
    To proceed with the Virtual Card issuance, select the
     Virtual Card option. By choosing the Virtual Card, you gain access to a world of digital convenience and flexibility.

  1. Assign the Card Owner
    If you’re an 
    Admin or Business Owner, you have the power to designate the employee who will be the Cardholder or you can also set yourself to be the Cardholder. This flexibility allows you to select the most suitable individual for the card based on your company's needs. 

However, as an Employee or Bookkeeper, all you can do is make requests for yourself (you must obtain the right as Requester first), so you will skip this step and move to step 4.  

Later on as a 
Cardholder, you'll gain the ability to make transactions make transactions and check your card details by following these steps. You'll also have the capability to block your card following a few simple steps here
. Moreover, you'll be the recipient of real-time transaction updates, which will be delivered to you through email and SMS.

  1. Complete the Virtual Card Form Details
    We have designed the form to be user-friendly and straightforward, with two sections: 
    Card Details and Set Limit. Please provide the following information details correctly:

    1. Card Details

      1. Cardholder Name: The user's name will be automatically inserted in this field, making it accurate and genuine.

      2. Card Name: Choose a name that best represents the purpose of the card or the original cardholder's name. This helps in identifying the card's specific usage, such as "Travel Card" or "Client Meeting."

      3. Description: Provide a concise and simple description of the card's intended use. For example, you might write, "This card is for any business meetings that involve dining," accurately reflecting its purpose.

    2. Set Limit 

      1. Limit Renewal: Decide between a monthly or one-time limit, catering to your company's specific needs. If you require a monthly limit that resets at the beginning of each month, choose the monthly option. If you need a Virtual Card that can only be used for a single transaction or specific purchases, a one-time limit is the right for you. 

      2. Amount: Determine the precise limit amount for card usage, allowing you to stay within budget while empowering your employees to make necessary transactions.

      3. Available Company Limit: As an Admin, you can access a sneak peek of the remaining available company limit. This information helps you make informed decisions during the limit-setting process.

  1. Submit and the Card is Ready to Use
    After completing and checking the form information details, it's time to click the 
     button. With just a simple click, your Virtual Card becomes active and ready to use.

In most cases, your Virtual Card will be activated in real-time, ensuring instant access to its benefits. However, there may be specific conditions or approval workflows that require additional processing time, such as card request by Employee or request card exceeds company limit. Rest assured, we are doing our best to streamline the approval process and keep you informed along the way. For more information about card user roles, check here

  1. Monitor your request progress status in Jack Portal or Jack App by clicking on the Corporate Card menu and see Credit Tab. This table contains all your credit card issuance history. Your card with ‘Active’ status is ready to use. Learn more about this in this article.

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