How to Get My Prepaid Card

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Step-by-step guidance on getting your Prepaid Corporate Card, ensuring convenient and secure virtual transactions that will give you unlimited transaction capabilities.

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Creating Prepaid Cards for Your Company

Unlike getting your Virtual Cardcurrently only Business Owners and Admins can make a request to get a Prepaid Card for their team members or themselves. This can be done using Jack Portal (not available in Jack App yet). You can get an unlimited Prepaid Card without a monthly fee if you have subscribed to our Growth Plan. Wanna upgrade? Learn here.

We understand that obtaining your Prepaid Card should be a hassle-free experience, and we're here to guide you through the process step by step. You can only access this particular sequence or procedure immediately after completing the card onboarding process. For further information on the onboarding process, please refer to this article

There are 6 simple steps to get a Prepaid Card in Jack Portal. Let's dive in:

  1. Click "New Card" to Begin the Process
    Log in to Jack Portal. Click the Corporate Card menu at the menu bar, then click the New Card button at the top of the page. Another entry point is clicking Create at the top right of the page and selecting New Card. This will set you on the path to obtaining your personalized Prepaid Card.

  1. Choose the Prepaid Card Option
    To proceed with the Prepaid Card issuance, select the Prepaid Card option. Rest assured, the process for obtaining a Prepaid Card follows a similar, seamless approach.

  1. Assign the Card Owner
    Next, it's time to identify the rightful owner of the Prepaid Card. As an 
    Admin or Business Owner, you have the flexibility to assign the card to any Employee within your organization or you can also set yourself to be the Cardholder. This empowers you to delegate financial responsibilities efficiently. 
    For more information on user roles and permissions, refer to this article. 

Later on as a Cardholder, you'll gain the ability to make transactions and check your card details by following these steps. You'll also have the capability to block your card following a few simple steps here. Moreover, as the Cardholder, you'll be the recipient of real-time transaction updates, which will be delivered to you through email and SMS.

  1. Complete the Prepaid Card Form Details
    Now comes the exciting part - filling in the Prepaid Card form. Unlike Virtual Cards that require a limit request, the process for Prepaid Cards is even simpler. The form focuses solely on capturing the essential card details that will enable smooth transactions. Please provide the following information details correctly:

    1. Card Details

      1. Cardholder Name: This field is automatically populated with the name of the designated user. It ensures that the card is issued under the correct employee's name.

      2. Card Name: Choose a card name that reflects the purpose of the card or the name of the cardholder. This can be a descriptive label such as "Travel Card April" or "Client Meeting June" to provide clarity and organization.

      3. Description: Use this field to provide additional information about the card's intended use. For example, you can specify that the card is designated for business meetings involving dining expenses.

  1. Submit and the Card is Ready to Use
    With a simple click of the 
    Submit button, your Prepaid Card will be activated and ready to use. Don’t forget to top up the balance to your card first upon using. At present, only Admins or Business Owners have the authority to issue Prepaid Cards, ensuring a controlled and secure process that aligns with your organization's financial guidelines.

  1. Monitor your Prepaid Card information details in Jack Portal or Jack App by clicking on the Corporate Card menu and see Issued Tab. This table contains all your card issuance history. Your card with ‘Active’ status is ready to use. Learn more about this in this article

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