Can I Adjust My Corporate Card Limit?

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Learn how to adjust the spending limit on your Corporate Card, aligning it with your business requirements. You can be flexible in increasing or decreasing your card limit, aligned with how your need evolves. In this article, we will delve deeper into several card limit rules and how to do that properly.

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Difference between Company Limit and Card Limit

Company Limit: The Bigger Picture

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of adjusting card limits, let's clarify what a company limit is. Essentially, your company limit is the overall limit cap assigned to your business, which applies for both Physical and Virtual Corporate Cards. It's like an umbrella under which all card expenditures occur. 

When you get started with a Corporate Cardyou have the flexibility to request your company limit. Once your Company limit has been approved, the Business Owner has the power to allocate portions of that limit to individual cards within your organization. To maintain compliance, the total of all Virtual and Physical Card limits must not exceed the approved Company limit. This visualization ensures that you grasp the concept thoroughly.

You can easily find the details of this overarching limit on the Corporate Card menu in Jack Portal. Remember, only the Business Owner and Admin have the privilege of accessing these details because this information affects the financial health and direction of the entire company.

Card Limit: Your Personal Spending Power

Out of this total company limit, individual limits are assigned to each card – meet the card limit. This limit determines how much you, as a Cardholder, can spend. It's your personal slice of the company's financial pie. 

Checking card limits is very simple! You can access it directly from your Jack Portal or Jack App inside the card details pageHowever, bear in mind that Business Owner, Admin, and Bookkeeper can see all card limits issued per card within the company, while Employee can only see the card limit of their own card. 

Streamlining Approval Workflows

Adjusting card limits is a decision that requires careful consideration. To maintain the integrity of your financial governance, it is crucial to have an approval process in place. We understand that different companies have varying approval workflows, which is why our Corporate Card solution provides a flexible approval workflow feature.

As a Business Owner or Admin, you have the power to define the rules of the approval process. For example, you can designate an Admin to approve card limit adjustments below a certain threshold, while higher adjustments may require the approval of the Business Owner. This flexibility empowers you to customize the approval workflow to align with your organization's unique hierarchy and decision-making processes. Learn how to set up an approval workflow in this article.

How to Adjust Your Company Limit

In the dynamic business landscape, there might come a time when your company requires an increased spending limit. We equip you with a simple process to adjust your company limit using Jack Portal. If you're a Business Owner or Admin, here's a concise guide on how to go about this:

  1. Initiate the Request
    Go to the Corporate Card menu and click on the Request Limit
     button, located at the top right of the page. This action will bring up a pop-up form, the first step towards expanding your company's financial capacity.

  2. Detail Your Request
    Inside the form, specify the new limit you're seeking and justify why this increase is necessary. Make sure the amount aligns with your company's projected needs and growth. After that, click Next to continue.

  1. Review and Submit
    Double-check your limit request summary, then click Request New Limit. Your request will then be sent off for review by our team.

  1. Patience is a Virtue
    After submitting, your job is done. It's now a waiting game as your request is reviewed. Keep in mind, this process is essential to ensure your company's financial stability, so some patience is required. Soon enough, you'll hear back on your request.

How to Adjust Your Card Limit

Business Owners and Admins can adjust card limits for all Physical and Virtual cards in their company, while Employees and Bookkeepers can only adjust limits for their owned cards. Adjusting your card limit can only be accessible using Jack Portal. Now, let's explore the practical steps in adjusting the limit for your Corporate Card. By following these steps, you can gain greater control over your spending power.

  1. Find Your Corporate Card that You Wish to Adjust

    1. Log in to Jack Portal and click the Corporate Card menu.

    2. In the Credit tab, click on the card that you wish to adjust to open the comprehensive card details page. You can only adjust the limit of cards with ‘Active’ status.

  1. Click More buttonthen Adjust Limit.

  1. Request Limit Adjustment

Here, you will find the following fields to fill on:

  1. Limit Renewal: Choose between a monthly limit or a one-time use card, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

  2. New Limit: Input the desired new limit for your Corporate Card. It's important to note that you can only input a different amount from your current limit, ensuring a manageable adjustment process. Business Owners and Admins can see the available company limit to ensure that the new limit request does not exceed this. 

  3. Reasons: Although optional, providing a brief explanation for the requested limit adjustment can help your Approver understand the purpose behind your request more effectively.

  1. Submit and Await Approval

Once you have filled in the necessary details in Step 3, click the Adjust Limit button to submit your request and your card status will change to ‘Request Limit’. Now, all you need to do is wait for your Approver to review and approve the adjustment*. To quicken the process, we recommend reaching out to your Approver and ensuring a fast and seamless adjustment experience.

*limit adjustment by the Business Owner and Admin will automatically change.

  1. New Card Limit is Granted!

Once a new limit has been applied, you can see the real-time update in the Card details page, learn to access the page in here. Your card status will be back to ‘Active’. Start spending more yet wisely! Keep track of your remaining limit available cause your transaction will fail if over limit. 

Early Payment: A Solution When Limits Are Reached

In addition to managing your card limits, the early payment feature offers an alternative way to enlarge your spending capacity, especially when you've reached your card limit before the due date and cannot extend it further. This feature, applicable only to Virtual Cards, allows you to reset your card's spending limit before the billing period ends by settling the card balance early. It's a strategic tool that can be particularly beneficial in scenarios where:

  • Your business encounters an unexpected need for a significant expenditure.

  • You're nearing the end of the billing period and have exhausted your card limit.

  • You wish to maintain a steady flow of spending without waiting for the limit to reset naturally in the next cycle.

Early payment not only provides an immediate solution to these situations but also contributes positively to your credit standing and card expenses control. However, it's crucial to understand that this feature comes with its own set of rules and limitations. We recommend reading in detail about this feature and its integration into your 

card management in this article.

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