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This article explores the key features, capabilities, target audience, and use cases of Jack Virtual Cards. Get ready to revolutionize your expense management with our accurate, genuine, and user-friendly solution.

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A Virtual Card works just like a regular business card. It holds the same identification details, but there's no actual card. This brings in some unique ways of using it.

With a Physical Card, you can swipe or insert it into machines at local stores. A Virtual Card can not do that. But, you can add it to your mobile wallet. This way, you can use your phone for in-person payments, making your Virtual Card just as useful in the real world.

Of course, Virtual Corporate Cards are perfect for online or phone-based purchases. Booking business trips or buying office stuff online is easy with a Virtual Card. It's a handy tool for businesses that do a lot online.

Jack Virtual Card Key Features

Fast-lightning Card Issuance

In today's fast-paced digital world, traditional business cards are getting a modern update. Say hello to 'Virtual Corporate Cards'. These cards are much like the ones we're used to, but they exist only online, making them easy and fast to issue.

Issuing a Virtual Corporate Card is as simple as clicking a few buttons (learn how to get it here). No more paperwork or waiting for a Physical Card to be made. Plus, you get immediate access to your business spending limit. It's a fresh, speedy approach to handling corporate finances.

Real-time Reporting and Notifications

Stay on top of your expenses with real-time reporting and instant notifications. Receive updates via email or SMS in real-time, ensuring you never miss a beat. You can also easily check the details through our intuitive Jack Portal or Jack App, so you can monitor card usage anywhere you go. Track transactions effortlessly and gain full visibility into your spending. Discover how to check transactions and how comprehensive our transaction report is in this article.

Easy Management and Control

Experience unparalleled control and flexibility with our Virtual Card. It empowers you to block or unblock cards, adjust spending limitsand customize card details with just a few clicks. On top of that, you can take control of your Jack Virtual Card better with our early payment benefit, a distinctive feature crafted to amplify your financial agility. Here are the benefits of making early card payment:

  • Reset spending limit: Make early payment before the billing cycle ends to reset your card's spending limit. This feature is especially useful for managing large-scale expenses proactively.

  • Facilitate high-value transactions: If your spending needs exceed the current limit (e.g., needing 40 million IDR with only 30 million IDR remaining), an early payment allows you to clear the current cycle's dues and refresh your available credit, enabling immediate high-value transactions.

  • Reduce the need for limit increases: Avoid the hassle and delays associated with requesting temporary limit increases by utilizing the early payment feature to manage your financial capacity efficiently.

Jack Virtual Card is not just tools for managing your finances; it is your partner in optimizing your financial operations to match the pace and scale of your business demands.

Bridging the Gap between Paperwork and Efficiency

Jack Virtual Card bridges this gap by providing you with the documentation you need. Our card comes with a user-friendly feature that allows you to describe or upload receipts for each Virtual Card transaction. This ensures transparency, accountability, and streamlines your record-keeping process.

Who Can Use Jack Virtual Card?

Jack Virtual Cards are designed for businesses embracing the digital realm. Whether you need to make digital payments, advertise online, or fulfill digital tech-related needs, Jack Virtual Cards provide a secure and efficient solution.

Use Case

  • Office Expenses. Simplify your office expenses with Jack Virtual Cards. From software subscriptions, tax services, to buying utilities and office supplies online, our cards ensure effortless transactions while maintaining control and oversight.

  • Travel Expenses. Streamline your travel expenses with ease. Use Jack Virtual Cards for online hotel bookings, travel transportation, and airline tickets. Enjoy the convenience and security of digital payments wherever your business takes you.

  • Other Expenses. Expand your purchasing power with Jack Virtual Cards. Use them for advertising campaigns, online purchases, meals, stock purchases, and insurance payments. Embrace the versatility of our cards for a wide range of business needs.

Get your Jack Virtual Card now! It takes minutes to activate your card and your card is ready to use. Learn how to get it here.

How Does It Work?

Powered by Mastercard

Jack Virtual Card operates in partnership with Mastercard, leveraging their established network and infrastructure. We also bring you the reliability and global acceptance of one of the leading payment networks. This partnership enables you to use Jack Virtual Cards in any sites or any online transactions that accept Mastercard Payment, anytime you want. Trust in the security and convenience of our Virtual Cards.

Transaction Process

Once your card is activated, Cardholders can see all the essential Virtual Card details in Jack Portal or Jack App, including the card number, CVV, and expiration dates. Simply enter these details when making purchases with online merchants, and you're good to go. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to seamless digital transactions. 

After completing the transaction, keep an eye out for confirmation of your payment. You may receive an email, an SMS, or find the transaction details inside your Jack Portal or Jack App (in Transactions page or Card details page) in real time. These notifications serve as evidence of your successful payment process, providing peace of mind and a record of your transaction. Curious how the transaction details will look like? Explore this.

Jack Virtual Cards empower your business with accurate, genuine, and user-friendly digital payments. Enjoy easy management and full control over your expenses with our one-click edit card and limit adjustment feature. Whether you're managing office, travel, or other business expenses, our culturally fitting solution is ready to revolutionize your financial operations. Say hello to a new era of efficiency and convenience. 

Your Billing Process Made Simple

We've made handling your Virtual Card billing easy. We have a regular billing cycle, so you get your bill at the same time on 26 of each month, helping you to plan your budget. We'll let the Business Owner and Admin know about your upcoming bill through an email.

To see and download your company bill statement, just sign in to your account on Jack Portal. You'll see a clear list of your spending for all billing cycles. We provide simple methods of payment that are easy to deduct from the company balance when the time comes. For more details about the billing process, have a look at this article.

Your card, your control. If you find yourself needing to make high-value transactions that exceed your current available spending limit, we provide you with an extra level of flexibility and control over your card. You can achieve this by making early payments before the due date, easily from your Jack Portal. This convenience extends to managing payment for one or multiple cards simultaneously. You have the freedom to decide exactly how much to pay on each card and in what order. Our platform supports your strategic financial decisions every step of the way.

Security Protocol You Can Trust

We take your security very seriously. If something doesn't seem right, or if you lose your card, you can block your card temporarily or permanently. You can do this quickly and easily through Jack Portal or Jack App.

We also keep an eye on your account for any strange activity to make sure your account stays safe. We want to give you the most secure experience we can. Unleash more information about how secure our card ecosystem is in this article.

Ready to experience the convenience and power of Jack Virtual Cards? Onboard your business now (click here), then let's try to issue your first card!

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