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A comprehensive guide on initiating and utilizing Jack Corporate Cards. We will show you how to request a card limit that is suitable to empower your business finances. Getting started now!

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Onboard Your Company to Jack Corporate Card

Are you ready to streamline your company's expenses and take control of your financial management? After your company successfully onboarded to Jack. get your company Jack Corporate Card. Take a look at its benefits and key features hereIf you have not registered your company to Jack yet, register now in just a few simple clicks! With our user-friendly and efficient process, getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Let's walk through the steps together:

  1. Visit the Corporate Card Section
    Log in to Jack Portal and head over to the Corporate Card section. Click on Get Started to begin your journey to get your first Jack Corporate Card! Currently only Business Owners and Admins can make a request to get onboarding to Jack Corporate Card. This can be done using Jack Portal (not available in Jack App yet)

  1. Choose Your Card Purpose
    Select one or more purposes of getting a Corporate Card that align with your company's requirements. Whether it's for office expenses, travel expenses, or other specific needs, Jack Corporate Card has got you covered. Click Next to continue.

  1. Request Your Card Limits
    We believe in offering flexibility to our customers in regards to getting a card limit. Fill in the limit form to establish your card limits. Here's how it works: 

    1. Virtual Card Limit and Quantity: Determine the total card limit for Virtual Cards and specify the quantity needed for your company. The limit is for a month and you can't request the same amount as your current limit. 

    2. Physical Card Limit and Quantity: Similarly, establish the total card limit for Physical Cards and indicate the desired quantity. The limit is for a month and you can't request the same amount as your current limit.

Your total Company monthly Limit is the combination of Virtual Card monthly limit and Physical Card monthly limit. 

  1. Submit Supporting Documents
    In order to analyze your company's credit score and expedite the approval process, we kindly request the following supporting documents:

    1. Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement) for the past 2-3 years: This financial report provides a summary of your company's revenues, expenses, and net income over a specific period. 

    2. Balance Sheet for the past 2-3 years: This financial statement provides an overview of your company's assets, liabilities, and equity at a specific point in time. 

    3. Bank Statement for the last 3 months: This document showcases the financial transactions of your company's bank account, including deposits, withdrawals, and fees. 

If you choose to skip this section by clicking Skip Documents, it means that you will be given priority for onboarding with Prepaid Cards instead of being offered Physical or Virtual Card usage initially. Confirm your action to skip by clicking Skip Documents once again as shown below. 

  1. Upload Documents
    Upload the documents needed one-by-one in the respective fields. Click on the Upload button and browse or drag your files in the section provided. You can upload 1 to 3 documents in .xls, .pdf, or .zip formats with maximum size for each file is 10 MB.

  1. Submit Your Application
    After uploading the required documents and ensuring all documents are correct, simply hit the Submit button. Congratulations! You have taken a significant step towards accessing the benefits of Jack Corporate Card. 

  1. Application Under Review
    Sit back and relax as our Dedicated Team reviews your application. You'll hear back from us at the latest within 7 business days. We understand that time is of the essence, and we strive to process applications as quickly as possible. Rest assured, we will keep you updated throughout the review process. You can easily follow the progress of your request by returning to the Corporate Card page.

  1. Your Card Request is Approved
    Within a few days, you will receive confirmation of the approval for your Virtual and Physical card limit requests through email and Jack Portal (in Corporate Card page). Congrats, you can start issuing your first Corporate Card now and use it for any transactions worldwide!

    1. Email:

  1. Jack Portal:

  1. Your Card Request is Rejected
    Incase of getting rejected, you will also receive the information through email or Jack Portal (in Corporate Card page). Common rejection reasons are mistakes while submitting documents. Rest assured that if this happens, you can revise the documents to meet our team's requirements.

    1. Email:

  1. Jack Portal

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