How to Renew a Virtual Card when It Expires?

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In this article, we will walk you through the simplest, hassle-free renewal process of your expired Virtual Card in a timely manner. Jack ensures your Virtual or Prepaid Cards are always secure, up-to-date, and ready for use without any hassle.

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In today's fast-paced business world, managing and renewing Virtual Cards should be the least of your concerns. At Jack, we understand the importance of seamless transactions, so we've designed our Virtual and Prepaid Card renewal process to be straightforward and efficient. Renewing a Jack Virtual Card and Prepaid Cards requires very little effort on your side. We’ve automated and simplified the creation process, so you can keep paying for the things your business needs. Allow us to walk you through the process in a detailed manner.

When Exactly Does My Virtual Card Expire?

Every Jack Virtual and Prepaid Card has a robust lifespan of three years. To determine the exact expiration of your card, navigate to the Corporate Cards page in Jack Portal/App, then see the expired date in the card details page (see more in this article). Here, the expiration date is clearly marked in the MM/YY format. To break it down: if your card displays an expiration date of 01/23, it remains valid up to the very last second of January 31, 2023. As the clock ticks over to February 1, 2023, your card will require renewal.

How Will I Know When My Card is Expiring?

Transparency and timely communication are cornerstones of our service. As a Cardholder, you'll get notified and never be caught off guard by an expiring card. Here's how we ensure you're always in the loop:

  • 45 days prior to your card's expiration, Jack sends out an email alongside an "Alert and Attention" notification. This serves as an early reminder of the impending renewal.

  • As the expiration date draws nearer, you'll receive additional email reminders 15 and 7 days beforehand. These reminders not only nudge you towards renewal but also emphasize the importance of updating your card's CVV and expiration details with the relevant merchants.

How to Renew My Nearly Expired Virtual Card

You can renew your nearly expired cards in Jack Portal by following these steps:

  1. See Which Card(s) Are Going to Expire

Go to the Alert and Attention page. If you have cards nearing expiration, the “Card Expiry” section will be prominently displayed. 

*This page shows the layout for the Cardholder.

Within this section, we give you three distinct status label to provide more clarity:

  • Expiring Soon: If your card bears this status, it's a heads-up that it's 45 days away from reaching its expiration.You can click on this card to begin the renewing process. After you have successfully renewed the card, this task will be marked as done.

  • Renewed: If you see this, it means you've successfully renewed your card. However, it's imperative to update the CVV and expiration dates with all associated merchants. After you have updated the card details and closed the banner in the Card Details page, this task will be marked as done.

  • Auto Renewed: In case you missed the manual renewal, Jack's system automatically renews the card for you. Nevertheless, the step to update the CVV and expiration dates with all associated merchants still be part of your responsibility. After you have updated the card details and closed the banner in the Card Details page, this task will be marked as done.

Aside from the Alert and Attention page, you can also go directly into the Card Details page and see the expiry card alerts show up there (see more in this article).

  1. Look into the Card Detail
    For a more granular view of the card's status and other related details, select and click the nearly expired card you wish to renew.

  2. Quick Renewal Process
    Click the 
    Renew Cards Button.Once clicked, the system will prompt you to enter your PIN before starting to initiate a seamless renewal process. You'll receive an email notification once your card is renewed, giving you peace of mind. 

  1. Post-Renewal Action
    Your card will be renewed in real-time. 
    Having renewed your card, the responsibility now shifts to you to ensure the new CVV and expiration dates are accurately updated in all associated merchants. You can only update the card details one by one in all associated merchants’ applications/websites. However, as a value-added feature, you can click on the See merchants linked to card button in the Card Details page which will bring you a handy list of the top 5 merchants your card is most frequently linked with. This acts as a gentle reminder to make sure those primary transactions don't face any hiccups. Don’t forget to update the details in other merchants if there are more.

What Will Happen to My New Virtual Card Details?

Here's the delightful twist: your Virtual Card will strut around with the same numberHowever, to keep the transactions smooth and hiccup-free, loop in the merchants about the new card details, especially if there are recurring payments in the picture. Some savvy merchants are already in the loop, ensuring that your transactions are uninterrupted. And while the card number remains unchanged, the rest of the settings, including payment limits, remain as same as before.

What Will Happen If I Forget to Renew the Card by Myself?

Let's face it: in today's fast-paced corporate world, it's very possible to miss simple activities like renewing a virtual card. But what if anything sneaks through the cracks?

Automatic Renewal, many systems, like ours, provide an automatic renewal feature. This means that if you do not renew your card manually, our platform may step in and renew it for you, ensuring the continuity of your transactions. We will inform you by email post auto-renewal process, to let you always in the loop.

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