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Learn how to easily expand your team's access to Jack by following our step-by-step guide on adding, editing, or removing users in your company account. Easily managing user access in your company will enhance collaboration within your company.

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About User Roles

Before adding new users to Jack, it's essential to understand the different user roles available. Jack has five distinct roles in the platform: Business Owner, Admin, Team Manager, Bookkeeper, and Employee. Click here to learn the difference between them.

How to Manage Users in Jack

Before managing the users, you need to know that Jack wants to ensure the capabilities of managing users are for employees that are trusted by your company. Thus, users who can manage users are Business Owner and Admin only.

Add a New User

You can add a new user only in Jack Portal. To add a new user to Jack, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your Jack Portal, then click your profile icon on the left-bottom corner of the Jack Portal.
  2. Click Users & Teams.
  3. Inside the Users & Teams page, click Invite Users.
  4. Input the user’s email address that you would like to invite. If this is a new user, there will be an informational text showing that the email address has not been registered with Jack yet.
  5. Next, you can assign the role to a new user by clicking the dropdown button. Different roles have different responsibilities, ensure you understand them thoroughly.
  6. You can add other users again by following the prior steps. If you have done, click the Invite button to finish adding new user(s).
  7. You can monitor the newly invited user(s) list in the Users & Teams page inside Users tab. If the new user(s) have not accepted the invitation, the status shown is ‘Invited’ and will change to ‘Active’ once the onboarding process is completed. Learn more about User Status here.

Things Must Do as an Invited User

After you have sent out invitations for the new user(s), they will get an email notifying them to create or register their personal profiles on Jack. The email will be received right after being invited. Once they have completed this, they can finally access Jack Portal using their own account and see their user information inside the Users & Teams page. 

Once the process is complete, you will be able to:

  • Distribute responsibilities to create transaction requests by the new users. This is possible to happen if the new users have been assigned as a Drafter first. 
  • Easily make a payment by creating and assigning Corporate Cards for new users.
  • Increase collaboration by assigning new users to be Approver for certain modules in your company.
  • Create teams and assign the new user as Team Manager to oversee and manage their respective team or department.

Edit a User

Only the Business Owner and Admins have the ability to edit user information in the Jack Portal. Please note that editing is not available in the Jack App. Follow these steps to make any necessary changes:

  1. Login to your Jack Portal, then click your profile icon on the left-bottom corner of the Jack Portal.
  2. Click Users & Teams.
  3. Inside the Users & Teams page, click the pencil icon on the selected user row to Edit.
  4. On the Edit User Details page, you can edit which user properties you want to edit and save the changes. Several important notes:
    • Business Owners can not change his/her own role unless getting help from our dedicated Account Manager. 
    • Admin can not change the Business Owner’s and other admin's information.

      To update email address or phone number in Jack, please contact your dedicated account manager for assistance. They will guide you through the process smoothly and ensure the security and accuracy of your information.

      Business Owners and Admins can change their own full legal name on the General page inside the Settings menu too.

  5. The changes will be updated in real-time. Once the change is successfully done, the user will receive an email notification regarding the change made whether it's a role change or team change.

Remove a User

You can remove users only in Jack Portal and only authorized individuals such as the Business Owner and Admins who have the ability to remove users. However, it's important to note that users cannot remove themselves. To remove a user from Jack, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your Jack Portal, then click your profile icon on the left-bottom corner of the Jack Portal.
  2. Click Users & Teams.
  3. Inside the Users & Teams page, click the bin icon on the selected user row to Delete.

    You can deactivate users first before committing to delete them by clicking the deactivate icon. Then, you can activate them again once you feel necessary to have them in Jack.

  4. A confirmation page will appear to confirm your deletion request. By deleting a user, you can remove the deleted user permanently from your company’s Jack Portal. This action cannot be undone. If you confirm, then click Delete User.

    Do not delete or deactivate user(s) who still have pending tasks. Deleting or deactivating user(s) will leave pending tasks stuck in the approval process and might impact other people’s transactions.

  5. Once the user is deleted, the user will receive an email notification regarding their account deletion.

See Users Information

To access user information, simply navigate to the Settings menu, then click Users & Teams page, specifically the Users tab. Here, you will find a comprehensive overview of user details, including their name, team, role, and their status.

It's important to note that visibility is carefully managed to ensure data security. 

  • Business Owners and Admins have the privilege to view all users' information and have the ability to add, edit, deactivate, or remove user(s) from it. 
  • Employees and Bookkeepers can only see their own user information and do not have the ability to edit, deactivate, or remove their own user account. 

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