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This article gives an overview of the Jack Physical Card as a powerful card you can get within days and can be used globally. Unlock the advantages of Jack Physical Corporate Card, offering seamless payment experiences and enhancing your business operations. In a digital era where virtual transactions have become the norm, there is still something undeniably powerful about the tangible presence of a physical card. 

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Jack Physical Card Key Features

Ease of Offline Transactions

One of the most significant advantages of Jack Physical Card is its ability to be used for any transactions at offline merchants worldwide. While Virtual Cards limit you to online transactions, our Physical Card opens up a world of possibilities for in-person shopping experiences.

Daily Transaction Report

Furthermore, the transaction report for Jack Physical Card is updated daily. This means that once you make a transaction, you can check the details the very next day through our intuitive Jack Portal or Jack App. Stay up to date with your expenses, track your financial activities, and maintain full control over your spending, all with the convenience of our integrated financial solutions Discover how to check transactions and how comprehensive our transaction report is in this article.

Bridging the Gap between Paperwork and Efficiency

Jack Physical Card bridges this gap by providing you with the documentation you need. Although it may take a little longer due to traditional paperwork, our card comes with a user-friendly feature that allows you to describe or upload receipts for each Physical Card transaction. This ensures transparency, accountability, and streamlines your record-keeping process.

Monitor Card Usage Using Mobile

To keep up with the fast-paced business world, you need to be able to manage your money on the go. That's why we've created a user-friendly mobile app. You can monitor all cards you have and the card usage information in one place. This great capability lets you control your cards from anywhere. Giving you a clear overview of your business expenses whenever you need it.

Easy Management and Control

Take charge of your finances with ease. Our Physical Cards empower you to block or unblock cards, adjust spending limitscustomize card details with a few simple clicks, save receipts per transaction, and keep your records organized and accessible whenever you need them.

Who Can Use Jack Physical Card?

Jack Physical Card is tailored for those offline moments that matter. It caters to Professionals and Businesses who frequently engage in face-to-face meetings, network at conferences, or explore opportunities at offline merchants. If you value personal interactions and understand the significance of in-person connections, our Physical Card is here to support your endeavors.

Use Case

Jack Physical Cards are designed to support various aspects of your lifestyle, anywhere, anytime. From transportation expenses to entertainment meetingstravel adventures, dining experiences, stocking up on goods, and even managing health and insurance-related payments - our card has got you covered. Whatever your lifestyle demands, our Physical Card offers the flexibility and convenience you need to navigate the physical world confidently.


Get your Jack Physical Card now! It only takes less than 2 weeks to get our powerful Physical Card in your hands. Learn how to get it here.

How Does It Work?

Powered by VISA

To ensure reliability and global acceptance, we have partnered with VISA, a trusted name in the financial industry. This partnership enables you to use Jack Physical Card worldwide, in any merchants that accept Visa Payment, anytime you want.

Transaction Process

To make a transaction, simply swipe your card at any offline merchant. It's as effortless as it sounds. With every successful swipe, you complete your purchase and embark on new adventures of our Physical Card. You can find the transaction details inside your Jack Portal or Jack App (in Transactions page or Card details page) the next day after transaction. These notifications serve as evidence of your successful payment process, providing peace of mind and a record of your transaction. Curious how the transaction details will look like? Explore this.

Your Billing Process Made Simple

We've made handling your Physical Card billing easy. We have a regular billing cycle, so you get your bill at the same time on 26 of each month, helping you to plan your budget. We'll let the Business Owner and Admin know about your upcoming bill through an email.

To see and download your bill statement, just sign in to your account on Jack Portal or Jack app. You'll see a clear list of your spending for all billing cycles. We provide simple methods of payment that are easy to deduct from the corporate balance when the time comes. For more details about the billing process, have a look at this article.

Security Protocol You Can Trust

We take your security very seriously. If something doesn't seem right, or if you lose your card, you can block your card temporarily or permanently. You can do this quickly and easily through Jack Portal or Jack App.

We also keep an eye on your account for any strange activity to make sure your account stays safe. We want to give you the most secure experience we can. Unleash more information about how secure our card ecosystem is in this article.

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