How to Get My Physical Card

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Step-by-step guidance on getting your Physical Corporate Card for easy and secure transactions.

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Get Physical Card for Your Company

Anyone who is assigned as a Requester can make a request to get a Physical Card for themselves. This can be done using Jack Portal (not available in Jack App yet), through approval workflows by Approver and Releaser. Requester, Approver, and Releaser have been appointed since the beginning using the approval workflow (read here). Prior to requesting the card, you have to finish the onboarding data requirements first, learn what to do here. You can get an unlimited Physical Card without a monthly fee if you have subscribed to our Growth Plan. Wanna upgrade? Learn here.

There are 6 simple steps to get a Physical Card in Jack Portal: 

  1. Initiate the Card Issuance
    Log in to Jack Portal. Click the 
    Corporate Card menu at the menu bar, then click the New Card button at the top of the page. 

    Another entry point is clicking Create at the top right of the page and selecting New Card. This action will initiate the issuance or request for a new Physical Card.

  2. Choose the Physical Card Option
    To proceed with the Physical Card issuance, select the 
    Physical Card

  1. Assign the Card Owner
    If you are an 
    Admin or Business Owner, you have the flexibility to assign the card to any Employee within your organization or you can also set yourself to be the Cardholder. However, as an Employee or Bookkeeper, all you can do is make requests for yourself (you must obtain the right as 
    Requester first), so you will skip this step and move to step 4. 

Later on as a Cardholder, you'll gain the ability to make transactions and check your card details by following these stepsYou'll also have the capability to block your card following a few simple steps hereMoreover, as the Cardholder, you can track your transactions history inside Jack App or Jack Portal.

  1. Complete the Physical Card Form Details
    In this step, we require more comprehensive information rather than Virtual Card form to process your Physical Card issuance accurately. Please provide the following information details correctly:

    1. Card Name: Choose a name that best represents the purpose of the card. This helps in identifying the card's specific usage, such as "Travel Card" or "Client Meeting."

    2. Description (Optional): Optionally, you can add a description to provide additional information about the card. This can help you remember specific details about the card's intended use. For example, you might write, "This card is for any business meetings that involve dining".

    3. Full Legal Name: Enter your legal name exactly as it appears on your identification document, such as your national ID card. Accuracy is crucial to ensure a smooth process.

    4. ID Number: Provide your Indonesian national ID number (KTP). This information is essential for verification purposes.

    5. Nationality: Please note that Physical Cards can only be issued to Indonesian citizens. Select "Indonesian" as your nationality.

    6. Gender and Date of Birth: Specify your gender and date of birth to further verify your identity.

    7. City of Birth: Indicate the city where you were born. This information helps us authenticate your background.

    8. Mother's Maiden Name: For added security, provide your Mother's maiden name. This information will assist in verifying your identity.

    9. Phone Number: Enter your current phone number so that we can stay in touch with you throughout the card issuance process. Prompt communication is key to a seamless experience.

    10. Monthly Limit Amount: Your spending limit will be set based on your individual financial situation and needs. Please provide an amount that matches your regular monthly spending.

  2. Submit and Await Delivery
    Once you have completed the card details form, click the Submit button. Congratulations! Your Physical Card request is now in progress. Our dedicated team will review your application and diligently work on creating and delivering your card within 14 working days (Monday-Friday)
    . We understand the anticipation, and we promise to keep you updated every step of the way.

  1. Monitor your request progress status in Jack Portal or Jack App by clicking on the Corporate Card menu and see Credit Tab. This table contains all your credit card issuance history. Learn more about this in this article. For Physical Cards specifically, the process is divided into three main stages:

    1. Creating Your Card: At this stage, your Physical Card is produced. This involves the customization of the card to include your details, setting it up for functionality, and ensuring that it meets the necessary standards for quality and security. The status shown is ‘On request’.

    2. Delivering Your Card: Once your card is created, it then enters the delivery stage. This means that the card is being transported from the production facility to your specified address. This phase includes packaging the card securely, entrusting it to a reputable delivery service, and tracking its journey to ensure it reaches you safely. The status shown is ‘On request’.

    3. Activating Your Card: After you've received your card, the next and final step is activating your card. This is when you take steps to turn on the card's functionality by confirming the receipt, setting up a Personal Identification Number (PIN), and completing any other required steps. Rest-assured, our dedicated Account Manager will walk you through this process. Until you have completed this step, the card will remain ‘Not-active’ as a security measure to prevent unauthorized usage in case the card is lost or stolen during delivery. After this is done, the card status will change to ‘Active’ and you can start making your first transaction!

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